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Conditions for the report

Child Pornography
(Article 183 A of Criminal Code)

Sexual or pornographic images, pictures, videos or audios showing minors.

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Grooming (Sexual propositions to a minor.
Article 183 B of Criminal Code)

Progressive sexual harassment to a minor by an adult in order to blackmail or sexually abuse them.

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Advertisement connected to child exploitation or child sexual tourism (Article 181 A of Criminal Code)

Internet advertisement used to promote, publish, favor or facilitate child sexual abuse in tourism.

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Bullying and cyberbullying (Articles 130, 131, 132 of Criminal Code, Law 29719)

Bullying and cyberbullying: Intentional physical, psychological or verbal violence done by one or several persons to another person. Usually occurs in school.

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Other harmful content

All types of expression, texts, audio, image or video developed online and in other ICT to spread, promote or express extreme violence or improper behaviors that risk the physical and psychological health of minors.

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